“Before working with Sara I spent a lot of time and a lot of energy chasing down the million little ideas racing around in my head — and that chaos was showing up in my marketing and messaging. Sara gave me clear, actionable insights that continue to enable me to focus and refine my message and my business. She has helped me find clarity and purpose in my product based business, and that leaves me with more energy to create and connect while maintaining boundaries with my time.  As a working mom building a business, that time efficiency and clarity is invaluable. I can hardly wait to work together again!”

Stephanie Forde

Founder, Laurel & Vine


“To put it simply, Sara was amazing! Her insight, patience and talent have been invaluable to us. We knew our messaging was “off”, but as Co-Founders we were so deep in the company that we had a difficult time seeing what we needed to change to communicate our mission and overall copy effectively. Sara’s process helped us pinpoint the most important aspects of our business and led to important discussions. Sara took our vision and beautifully condensed it in a way that clarified everything. We can honestly say Sara has played a crucial part in helping us grow and move our business forward! We would absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

Lee Genung & Kerry Glanz

Founders, ModernDay Village


“Sara literally helped me jumpstart my business. Prior to our conversation, I felt insecure and a bit lost. If it weren’t for us connecting, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every single thing that Sara guided me on and suggested that I do – I did. From social media to website development, I carefully reviewed my notes and listened to her advice in order to create a small business I could be proud of. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I am forever grateful that she saw something in me that I did not. After a long year of the pandemic, I was certainly in a rut and felt a bit lost. After connecting with Sara, I felt reinvigorated and excited for the future. I have added many new clients, established a sense of credibility, created something that is my own and feel that I am finally on the right path. I would 100% recommend working with Sara – not even a question!”

Kellie Kerwin

Founder, Kellie Kerwin Public Relations

Website coming soon

“Working with Sara gave me the confidence and clarity to take the next steps in launching my business. She helped me understand the value of clear messaging and specify the type of services that would be most useful to my clients. Sara is clearly very experienced and she is able to relay her expertise in an organized, easy-to-understand way. She utilizes every minute of your time together to help you move forward. I left our meeting together with a clearer vision of my goals and a plan for how to get there. I will definitely turn to Sara when the need arises again. I’m so glad I found her!”

Rupa Robbins, Ph.D.

Founder, Tech Positive Parenting


“Sara was instrumental in helping us understand how to best position and market WERKZY as we prepared to launch. She left us with clear direction in terms of next steps. She is knowledgeable, passionate and thorough and a true asset to any company that is beginning their journey or looking to improve and pivot. Sara has been supportive of WERKZY every step of the way, and it has been exciting to see how she is truly an advocate of so many fabulous women run businesses.  We will continue to look to her as a valuable source of input and direction as we move forward in our entrepreneurial journey.”

Asya Geller & Talia Friedman

Co-Founders, WERKZY


“Working with Sara has been invaluable for my business.  From the first day of working together, to following up after my business relaunch, Sara has been a partner and a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She helped me rebrand my company.  We worked through my new concept, she created a new tagline, created all the messaging for marketing and my new website and trained me on how to effectively use social media marketing.  The exciting thing is I already see results, less than 2 weeks after my relaunch!  New customers, new services and customers returning for more services.  I am grateful and thankful that I invested in myself and my business through Sara.  She is one of my biggest cheerleaders!”

Rebecca King

Founder, Blueprint Wellness


“I was at a point where my business needed some TLC. Since Instagram and social media are SO important I really had no clue where to begin. I thought maintaining my account was enough, and I wanted to find a way to get around showing my face.

I found Sara and I instantly liked her vibe. I reached out to her, we had a quick phone call, and I knew from the start I wanted to work with her. During our strategy session she went through everything I needed know to help my business grow. From IG to my website to just simple business tactics that I had no idea about. She also helped me gain the confidence to show my face on social media.

Ever since our session she has been the best cheerleader and a great support system. I have been ranting and raving about Sara to all of my friends and I HIGHLY recommend Sara for your business needs.”

Allie Reindel

Owner, Alexandra Blair Photography


“Sara Alter is truly a life saver – I am a physician who never learned about business development, plans and so forth. After spending years going nowhere with my idea, I jumped to contact Sara after seeing her website. I was unsure about where to start and how to move forward, but Sara knew exactly what steps were needed. She is incredibly organized and driven and because of her guidance, I made leaps in a matter of a few short months. In addition to being insanely well versed with how to start and then run a business, she also has an incredible eye for design and truly understands my brand and vision. She taught me what to do, guided me with grace and swooped in for hands on stuff when needed. I am beyond grateful to Sara and look forward to continuing this journey, knowing that Sara is there for guidance and support every step of the way.”

Carly Snyder, M.D.

Founder, MOOD Bars


“Unparalleled professionalism, paired with reasonable expectations and measurable results. That’s how I would describe my experience working with MOMENT. After an expensive and disappointing experience with another consulting group, I reluctantly reached out to Sara as a second attempt to get my business off the ground. I am so grateful that I did. From the start, it was clear that Sara was willing to invest her time and attention to listen to my ideas, while also considering the reality of my life as a wife and mother. She effectively guided me from an overwhelmed and deflated state, transforming my ideas into a series of organized, tangible goals. Within a short time, I saw a near doubling of my following, as well as increased sales and customer base. I know that my renewed sense of confidence, purpose and direction is mostly due to Sara’s keen business sense and vision. Most importantly, I met a woman who believes in her clients and is genuinely invested in lifting them to their greatest heights. Thank you, Sara!”

Denise D’Angelo Roland

Founder, Intentionally Unplugged


“I met with Sara as I prepared to take on a new role as a wine consultant. I was apprehensive about starting a side business, but something was telling me I needed to explore this opportunity. Sara walked me through all the different stages of the business, motivating me to move forward, but also being rational and thoughtful about the risks and rewards. When I decided to go for it, Sara was there to assist with copy, marketing, and visual guidance, helping me to tell the brands story concisely and effectively to my customers. Without her support and insight, I may not have taken this professional leap, and I’m so thankful I did. Her creativity is unmatched and she will pull out the best in you and turn it in to something amazing. You will be in great hands with MOMENT.”

Nicole Greene

Consultant, Scout and Cellar Wines


“Sara takes the confusion and doubt out of launching a business. She is honest, forth-coming, and motivating. She has been a clear, convicted voice when my own is muddled. By laying out for me the steps to introduce, position, and market my company, Sara armed me with the self-assurance and know-how I needed to make my vision a reality. Her hard-gained expertise is matched by her passion for supporting female entrepreneurs. She is a true guiding light.”

Devin Tomiak

Founder, The Biggies


“Sara has this incredible ability to unlock a compartmentalized part of my head and push me to bring the ideas that make me happy to the forefront of my mind and to think about them in a more creative way. I loved her process and most importantly, I think the value of her insight and experience is huge. Sara always makes me feel more accountable, confident, and motivated. I couldn’t recommend working with her more!

Erika London

President, simplevenue


“As a new entrepreneur entering the market, I connected with Sara and I am so thankful for that. I was starting off with 15 years of experience working in the fashion world for a large retailer. However I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business, I just had a fire inside of me and an idea to run with and just kept going. We started off with a very candid conversation and Sara offered up so much insight at the start of my journey. She is a natural at leading and providing tools to new entrepreneurs. Her words of wisdom have stuck with me and gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed to get started!”

Denielle Elliston

Founder, Love for Mama


“Sara Alter is the definition of women supporting women. I remember sitting in awe of her when I was still struggling at my corporate career, wanting something more. Watching her success with Pretty Please, the concept, the execution, the branding… It was (and is) so well done. What I loved even more was the message behind her mission. Pretty Please isn’t just a nail polish company, it’s a motivational one. With each image and caption, she was celebrating and encouraging other women. Every post packed a punch, like a daily shot of empowerment. I humbly came to her for advice when launching my own brand. While mine was a blog and hers, a legitimate business- at first glance, completely separate entities- I discovered there was much common ground. First, Sara is well versed in all areas of branding and entrepreneurship, but I also realized that I wanted my readers to walk away (or in this case, sign off), with the same feelings that Pretty Please conjured. I wanted them to be inspired and encouraged and left feeling lighter and happier. But how? I met with Sara at THINK Coffee on Mercer Street in Manhattan, hanging on her every word. How did she brand herself, grow her following, set up a website… She was so open, sharing all of her tips and tricks and the hard-earned sweat equity lessons that she’d learned though the years. We spoke in depth about branding and differentiating myself from all of the other mom blogs out there and she solidified my choice to name it Nat’s Next Adventure, by echoing that the “choose my own adventure part” was absolutely the hook that would set it apart- and it has been. I hired her graphic design team to build out my platform and turned to her for many other aspects over the next several months as she continued to champion each move I made. Her support still persists to this day. She’s one of the first to like and comment on my posts, offering encouraging words. I can’t recommend her, her services, or her friendship enough. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’re already ahead of the pack!”

Natalie Thomas Friedman

Founder, Nat’s Next Adventure


“I started my jewelry business 13 years ago with no real experience marketing a product or running a business. I spent the first several years plugging along with no real vision in place for how I wanted my business to grow or plan for how to get there. When I connected with Sara, that all started to change. Sara spent a lot of time talking with me and asking me questions about what I wanted my business to be and really listening to my answers. Her questions were actually sort of hard to answer because I had never even thought about my “brand” and what it represented. Because I was all over the place with my hopes for the business, she helped me pull away anything that was unnecessary and focus on the parts that would actually help my business grow. As the only person working in my business, it was invaluable to have Sara’s perspective. I found her to be extremely easy to talk to and I found her to have a natural ability to help me clarify what I needed to focus on and went on to help me develop a plan to get me there. Years later, I continue to use the advice she gave me!”

Leah Jones

Founder, Dear Jane Jewelry


“I’m so thankful for Sara for all her expertise, insight and support. She helped me so much when I was feeling lost and confused on my goals. She has an incredible ability to get to the heart of what matters and put it into focus! Now I’m working on a new BIG project that I’m really excited about and it wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance.”

Rachel Meyer

Founder, Botanical Bones


“Sara’s brilliant guidance was crucial to the launch of my own business, Method + Mode. Not only did her process help me define my core offerings and brand voice, but the passion and energy she brings to coaching sessions is a major confidence booster – Sara inspires you to be fearless in the face of uncertainty!”

Rachel Swanson

Founder, Method + Mode


I was so lucky to have met Sara when I was just starting my business. Her expertise in both branding and operations was crucial to getting our business off the ground! Thank you!!!

Ingrid Sarver

Founder, Talaria Flats


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